San Francisco Jail Installs Condom Machines In Cells

Prisoners in the San Francisco County Jail have received some news so good that will have them jumping on top of each other-no pause intended.

According to published reports, officials in the San Francisco County Jail’s San Bruno lockup have approved the installation of 16 condom machines.

The jail, which currently houses over 750 inmates, is using the bold move to initiate the system’s safe-sex program.

The latest plug-in for the safe-sex program, which began in 1989 when health workers began distributing condoms to inmates as part of their counseling before they were released, has it’s attention centered around lowering reported AIDS cases centered around unprotected jail house sex.

“It may be controversial,” Sheriff Michael Hennessey told the San Francisco Chronicle, “But I think the larger health education message is important.”

Although sex among inmates technically is illegal, the Sheriff’s Department decided to install one machine in each pod that was paid for by a pair of small grants from UCSF and a Southern California nonprofit.

“The sex already takes place,” Program Director of San Francisco Public Health Department Kate Monico Klein said. “If (providing condoms) saves one or two lives, it’s worth it.”

So I guess the next step will be to offer up candles to make it romantic?

What’s your thoughts, was the decision to install condom machines a good one or does it aid in the potential rapes of men while in jail?