Cribs: Wyclef Edition (Hint: Its NOT Haiti)

Now that Wyclef has OFFICIALLY withdrawn from the Haitian Presidential Election, lets take a look at what may be one reason why he was ruled eneligible. HE LIVES IN NEW JERSEY!!! So the sticking point is whether he satisfied the impoverished country’s five-year residency requirement–here’s an aerial view of the musician’s actual home.

Located in leafy Saddle River, N.J., the musician’s two-acre spread includes a 6517-square-foot main house, a second building, and a swimming pool. Jean and his wife purchased the residence in 1998 for $1.85 million, according to Bergen County records. Click here for a larger shot of Jean’s property.

Jean has contended that his possession of a Haitian passport somehow equates to residency (along with his ownership of a property outside Port-au-Prince). Jean’s passport, though, has likely spent most of the past five years in a Garden State desk drawer.

(Smoking Gun)

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