Baby Drinks Beer at Phillies Game [Video]

The Philadelphia Phillies say that they can't track down this young boy who is sipping from what appears to be a beer bottle.

The baby caught with a beer bottle in his mouth on the fan cam at a Phillies game is probably closer to 3 or 4, but that doesn’t make the video any less shocking.

The video of the little blondie in the stands in Philadelphia was yanked by Major League Baseball, but it’s already back up on a number of sites who have clipped out the action from the game and are just focusing in on the little boy and his bottle.

Not surprisingly, comparisons to the Indonesian smoking baby abound. But is this really the same?

Alcohol and kids shouldn’t mix, but I know a host of parents who have given their child one taste — usually with the result of the kid saying “eww.” It’s served as a great way to convince your kids NOT to drink alcohol.

Granted, doing it in public is a major no no; not least because you can get the server in trouble for providing your underage kid with alcohol. Not to mention you might make an ass of yourself on national TV (as Newser notes, no one is rushing forward to claim this kid — maybe they’re afraid CPS will show up too?).

The kid really seems to be going to town on that thing, but there’s also the possibility that the bottle was empty.

What do you think? Disturbing or nothing?

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