U.S. Navy uses Facebook to post Tsunami updates

The U.S. Navy also took precautionary measures in response to the Tsunami warning issued in the wake of the February 27 earthquake in Chile. The measures included preparing to sortie ships and moving a ship from Naval Station Pearl Harbor and one from Naval Station San Diego, according to Pentagon officials.

USS Crommelin, USS Chafee, USS Chung Hoon and USS O’Kane, USNS Yukon and Sea Commando, a SEAL support vessel, deployed from Naval Station Pearl Harbor. USS Port Royal is in a maintenance availability and cannot get underway, so it will be moved to deeper water inside the harbor. 

In addition, the U.S. 3rd Fleet took precautionary measures by advising able San Diego ships to get underway and to take station in the Southern California operating area. USS Lake Champlain will join USS Pearl Harbor, USS Dubuque, USS Peleliu, and USNS Rainier, which are already at sea. 

Officials from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii predicted a massive flash flood would arrive at Hilo, Hawaii. They also predicted that the wave height would range from 2 to 8 feet, and they were correct. However, the Tsunami wave size was at the low end of their prediction.

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