Ashanti in L.A. working on music with Dr. Dre and Game


Former Murder Inc. songstress Ashanti recently joined a studio session in Los Angeles that included hip hop’s top producer Dr Dre and his rejoined rapper, Game. Although she didn’t specifically say what the three were up to or had planned, Ashanti did post a photo of them in the studio together.

“On the way 2 the lab!!! flyin dwn santa monica I think we took like 3 red lights lol!!! ( U guys dnt do tht tho) lol!!! I gotta jus say how classic it wz last night!! Doin vocals w DR DRE seein his genius 1st hand owww!!!&of course me & Game put it dwn!yesss!!”

she wrote Wednesday (January 27) on her Twitter Profile(@ashantithisisme).

“@only1NOTTZ heyyyyyy!!!!! Wz crackin!! We gotta link up I’m in LA now jus leavin the lab!!!! Awwwwwww sh*t its a problem!!!!! Me DR. DRE & GAME in the lab ohhhhhhh booooooy this is a SMMMMIZAAASHHH!!!!! & @ihategame jus debo’d my cup of tea!!!!! Smh!!! Lol!!! & of course @LTHUTTON is in the mothaf*#kin buildin!!! Hollaaa!!!”

Being that she did not exactly say what they are in the studio working on, I guess all we can do is wait and see what the trio has in store for us.