Shyne speaks for the first time since his release from prison


Since the announcement of Shyne’s impending release from prison hit the net and the streets, fans have been anxiously anticipating the rappers return to Hip-Hop, convinced that he would have something of substance to say in regards to his experience behind bars and contribute much needed great music to the genre.

Of course, that almost became a dream deferred after it was revealed that the rapper would not be released due to Immigration attempting to determine his status. Being that the rapper was convicted as a non-citizen of the country, he was at risk for being deported back to his native land of Belize.


In the end, Shyne was released from prison and headed straight to Belize to continue his immigration fight.

In a recent video of Shyne’s first press conference since his release, the rapper speaks about his change of heart and brand new mindset following his incarceration saying that “nobody is perfect, but there are no excuses.”

Though Shyne will be calling Belize home, reports suggest that he will continue to pursue his rap career with future plans to record songs for an upcoming album.

Source: NY Hip Hop Music Examiner

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