T-Pain disses Jay-Z at Vegas Pool Party [Video]

In “Guess who else is hating on the Jigga Man” news, the big homie T-Pain is back at it again, this time he’s hating on Jay-Z.

Apparently,T-Pain is not handling Jay-Z’s “Death Of Autotune” as well as some may have thought. The auto-tune fanatic was caught in Vegas lashing out on Jay-Z, in response to being ousted by way of the rappers “Death Of Autotune” track.

While DJ’ing at a pool party in Vegas a few days ago, T-Pain got on the mic to express his thoughts on Jay-Z; let’s just say, it wasn’t to compliment him. The banter might have gone unnoticed by those that were not in attendance at the party; however, thanks to the new millennium and Twitter, fans were able to get a play-by-play of what transpired that night.

Rapper Fabolous who was in attendance took to his Twitter account to tweet T-Pain’s fury. What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas as made apparent. In a series of tweets, Fabolous wrote,

Yo I’m at Rehab in Vegas..T-Pain is DJ’ing..Sayin f***k Jay-Z, he old blah, blah..guess its backlash from “D.O.A.”

So I’m here with Rihanna, @richyoungamerica, & @paulcainsf..Drinkin son strawberry/daiquiri..Not feeling the T-Pain Jay-Z dissing..Brooklyn!

NewsFlash: They just played D.O.A. Right after he got off…Wooooowwwww!!

Yo the DJ is doing a Jay-Z set..D.O.A., kingdom come, run this town, heart of the city, h to the izzo, amillie free, Tpain somewhere in here.

If this is true T-Pain might have had a change of heart because at this year’s Summer Jam, T-pain was quoted saying that he thought that the song was great and that Jay-Z excluded him from his reference to those that excessively used the vocal effect. He felt that “D.O.A.” gave him inspiration to continue to put out more songs and albums and to continue his reign as the auto-tune King.

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