Eminem Fires “Warning” Shots at Mariah

Mariah Carey earlier this month released a video to a song that was dubbed the answer to Eminem’s song that appeared on Relapse titled “Bagpipes From Baghdad”. In “Bagpipes From Baghdad” Eminem taunts Nick Cannon by saying that if he wanted to, he could take Mariah back from him.

Perhaps Mariah Carey shouldn’t have mimicked Marshall Mathers in that “Obsessed” video.  Slim Shady lights things up quickly by addressing Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon. Eminem unleashes a brand new fury on Mariah Carey with a new leaked track that just hit the net.

Titled “The Warning” Eminem does just that, sends out a warning to Mariah to keep her lips sealed if she doesn’t want him to spill the beans on the truth.

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