Will the real Uncle Tom Stand Up? Justice Thomas Challenges Obama’s Citizenship

As of late reports are out that the supreme court will look into questions regarding the state of Obama’s citizenship, and if he is legally able to be President. I figured people will do anything to make sure we don’t have a2_clarence black president and when I heard this I wasn’t surprised that someone would try and challenge the presidency. I was surprised however at who called for this investigation. Judge Clarence Thomas, the only black Supreme Court Justice.

Why would he do such a thing you might ask?  Personally, I have no idea. Maybe its the fact that an Obama administration might mean putting another black judge on the bench. Now we can’t have his important status of the Supreme Court Affirmative Action appointee challenged by another black person can we?

According to the Chicago Tribune the investigation came about after an initial lawsuit in New Jersey to hault the election, and a second lawsuit from Alan Keyes, who lost to Barack Obama in the 2004 IL Senate race, and a few unsuccessful bids to be the republican candidate for president. So two black men came together to push the investigation into the first black president. So guess you really can’t escape the “crabs in a barrel” society that is Chicago.

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