Al-Qaeda’s #2: Obama is a “House Negro”

Wow……I had to address this, hopefully they’ll feature this response on Al-Jazeera. Who do these cave-livin, rocket launcher holdin, self explodin, heathens think they are? Are they really playin the race card? Just when I thought blowin up yourself to get 72 virgins was a low point, I have to add Racists to the list of things I DON’T like about Al-Qaeda. Callin Obama a “Step N’ Fetch” I personally think there upset because now that we have a REAL president somebody might actually take them out of play for good…..This isnt the Bush administration….

Their No. 2 in charge who goes by the name Ayman al-Zawahiri made the remarks and  according to USA Today, the white house responded by saying:

“What we have here is more despicable and pathetic comments by al-Qaeda terrorists.  And in America, we are going to have a smooth transition from one administration to the next, and that will be a period of change in our country.  What won’t change is our commitment as a country to fighting terrorism.  And I think that these comments just remind everybody of the kind of people that we’re dealing with.

… I think that the comments that al-Qaeda makes are totally irrational.  They attack everything and anything that is American.  And so they just look for targets of opportunity, both verbally and physically, and that’s why we have to stop them.”

Now is it me or does the No. 2 need to shut up all together…. Reminds me of another No. 2 from an “evil” crime organization.

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