Elijah Blake Debuts Beautifully Out Of This World New Video, For Beautifully Amazing New Single, Ghostbuster

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Elijah Blake, is easily among my favorite artists now and to emerge over the last decade plus. With his signature beautifully amazing smooth vocals put on display once again for his very beautifully amazing just released new single, Ghostbuster. That is about a forgone love that haunts you with painful thoughts and memories that cause pain and anguish to short-circuit within your mind. That you are trying to move forward from and no matter how hard you try to replace that lost love, they aren’t easy to forget, let alone even harder to move on from.

The Sean Alexander-directed accompanying video that was also debuted earlier today through BET Soul and simultaneously Vevo, a just as beautifully out of this world one. That starts off in black-and-white while Blake walks up to a mansion and as he enters singing the beautifully amazing hook, he tries to get the lingering memories of his past lover out of his mind. Her ghost follows him everywhere he goes though and when he finally gets to the final room there is light and color that display the lingering memories of his younger self and former lover that hauntingly still linger on with him.

The way Blake and Alexander are able to capture each scene throughout the visual and it unfold like a cinematic almost mini-movie. Really bringing Blake’s hauntingly sad, yet deeply touching and beautifully personal lyrics on the record even more to life in such a beautiful way. That show from his actual songwriting to his vocals, performance and visuals, Blake truly is one of only a few left today that is a true to the core artist, who truly puts the ART in artist.