Tyla Debuts Cinematically High-End Fun & Twist-Turning New Video, Truth Or Dare

Grammy-nominated rising global Amapiano Pop/R&B hit-making sensation, Tyla, on the verge of her first ever GRAMMYs this Sunday Feb. 4th. Where she is nominated for her breakout Summer smash mega-hit single, Water. Makes her return today with her recent single, Truth Or Dare.

Tyla debuting earlier through Vevo. The cinematically fun and twist-turning Nabil-directed accompanying video for the record. Which sees the rising global star tease a romantic prospect’s lackadaisical pursuit by flipping the script and taken off with a friend in a high-speed chase with her pursuer/potential romantic prospect. As she sings the carefree simple, yet catchy truth or dare-type lyrics to her next potential pop mega-hit.

The ending of the video is a twist-turning one that has Tyla having a fateful meeting with her pursuer that results in a tricky move she does to get the upper hand on him. That he doesn’t realize till after the fact. The storytelling in the video to help bring the truth or dare vibes to the actual single even more to life. Showing Tyla’s true dedication to her art in every aspect from the music to the production of her records and how she brings those records even more to life through her music videos. Plus performances as well.

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