Ari Lennox Debuts Sexy & Sensually Twist-Turning New Video, POF

Ari Lennox continues her plenty of fish theme from her previous video/single, Hoodie. For her new Mez for Heirs-directed video for, POF. That she debuted through Vevo earlier today and is the latest single from her very critically-acclaimed sophomore album, age/sex/location. That was released nearly a month ago.

The new video that once again co-star’s TDE emcee Isaiah Rashad as her ex and also co-star’s Khadi Don. Opens by flashing back to her Hoodie video. Before seeing Ari in a very sexy and sensually alluring yellow lingerie outfit laying in bed. As she looks through the Plenty of Fish dating app searching for a new companion. As she receives texts about how she needs to get back out on the dating seen. While she so effortlessly sings the lyrics about trying to find new love in the sea of dating. Ari goes from a dinner date to a double date night of miniature golf. Before going to see a man who is trying to “Netflix and Chill” with her. Before Ari realizes he lives with his Mom. That leads to her accepting an invitation to go shopping with one of her friends. Where we see her ex appear for the somewhat twist-turning end to the video.

The whole theme of plenty of fish in the sea. In dating. Shown through plenty of absolutely great looks from Ari throughout the video. As well as the many humorous, hard and complex ways that love and dating can be today. That are so relatable. While also really helping bring one of the more standout records from the album even more to life. In such a sexy and sensually, yet still brilliantly classy and beautiful way. That shows what a truly great core to the ART artist from her songwriting to her singing and visuals. As well as performing that Ari is.