Jon Connor & Joey Cool Release New Single, Gems feat. Sly Pyper & Brelia Renee

Jon Connor, is easily one of the dopest emcees and lyricists alive. His beautifully soulful just released new DJ Payday-produced single, Gems. In which he teamed up with Joey Cool on and features a beautifully soulful hook from both Sly Pyper and Brelia Renee. Yet another track that shows so.

Such bars as, ”Look I was supposed to quit along time ago. I love fvcking up they plans. I bounce back like a rubber band and on the low, I got the upper hand. Keep my eyes on my enemies and my mind stay on my next move. Give a fvck about the next dude. I’m trying to make it better for my nephews. People’s Rapper to the rescue! Like guess who giving refuge? These rappers out here selling they souls. Dancing with the devil with two left shoes. Meanwhile mine intact. You got money? That’s beside the fact. Your baby mama fvcked three of the homies. Now you gotta provide for that.” Just an example of the great real truthfully, honest and hard-hitting lyricism from Connor. That shows why he is not only of the best emcees and lyricists alive, but arguably among the best ever.