Kosine Kicks Off Birthday Month & Black History Month With Powerfully Inspiring New Video To, Kings Remix feat. G Herbo & Marcus Black

Last month on MLK Day, Chicago’s very own multi-nominated Grammy Award-nominated producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, personality, actor, and co-founder of Da Internz, Kosine. Released his very high-powered and Chicago-centered remix to his very inspiring and uplifting debut single, Kings. That features Chicago emcees G Herbo and Marcus Black.

While today, a day after his birthday and to kickoff both his birthday month and Black History Month. Kosine just a few short hours ago debuted the powerfully inspiring Gravitii Films-directed video to the remix. That opens with a masked violinist seated in an empty chair of a warehouse playing the very inspiring and uplifting violin opening of the track. Before panning to G Herbo laid out on a coach and getting up to lookout the window like an actual gang lookout. As he spits his inspiring verses about trying to escape the real life hardships most of the black and brown communities of Chicago have to do. So they can make it out to turn their lives around from those hardships into life victories.

The new visual also sees all three Chicago-bred artists in that same empty warehouse performing their inspiring and uplifting verses together. While clips of Black Lives Matter protest footage from last Summer and footage of black men facing police brutality in Chicago and other parts of the world are being played throughout the visual as well. Young men and boys wearing crowns as Kings also shown to bring inspiration and uplift meant. As well as footage of MLK and Malcolm X. Really bringing the uplifting and powerfully inspiring message of the record to life with the just as powerfully inspiring visual.