It’s A C.O.B. Takeover With Release Of KXNG CROOKED’s “The MAGA Continues” & Horseshoe Gang’s “Shoes Fall Off”

KXNG CROOKED has been a voice in Hip-Hop that has always challenged the status quo, whether it be crooked politics, police brutality, racism, social injustices or anything else you can think of to question anything socially wrong going on.  That really came to a head even more so last year when he released easily the most important album of his career thus far with the critically-acclaimed and politically charged, Good Vs Evil.  In which he did what most true leaders do and speak up on these issues through his art form.  Sadly a year later a lot of those things are still going on and become the new normal.  Which is why the C.O.B. leader has decided to continue tackling those issues with the upcoming release and sequel to Good Vs Evil, with, the higly-anticipated, Good Vs Evil 2: Red Hood.  Set for release on Dec. 8th, Crook already started to delve into that topic even more with the recent release of lead single, Truth (Why You Mad) feat. Royce Da 5’9″, which was a truthfully authentic audio piece aimed at the right wing party.  This time the C.O.B. leader addresses the 45th President’s famed slogan, MAGA, on new track, The MAGA Continues, which was premiered through Mass Appeal earlier today.  Taking aim at blood-thirsty cops, racists, pill poppers and alike, he had the following to say in a statement, “Donald Trump coined the now famous acronym MAGA.  I personally believe the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ is a dog whistle for racism and turning the clocks of progression backwards.  The way the country is currently divided it seems to be working.  I’m really just letting off steam on the joint, but some important points are definitely being touched on.”

If you want to be apart of the revolution, play this loud and proud.  No peace, no justice!


Also premiered through Mass Appeal earlier today was, KXNG’s brothers, Horseshoe Gang’s ridiculously fire new track, Shoes Fall Off.  Taken from the groups upcoming own, highly-anticipated new project, Dope Lyrics Matter.  Which will also be dropping on Dec. 8th through C.O.B./Empire.  While Crook addressed the political spectrum, his brothers Demitrius, Julius, Kenny and Dice, as you would guess from the title of their upcoming mixtape, just give straight dope fire bars and lyrics with the rapid-fire flow that matches perfectly over the hi-hat drums on the lead single.  Listen below and let us know, “When it comes to Dope Lyrics, Do you think the ShoeGang ever fell off?”