GOP Chairman Steele Admits “Mistakes”

Earlier today Republican Committie Chairman Michael Steele,  admitted to making mistakes in a speech addressing the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA.  Steele has been under heavy scrutiny since allegations of improper spending surfaced including a $2,000 tab at a West Hollywood “Gentlemans Club”.

According to the Associate Press Chairman Steele wasnt quick to take FULL responsibility for the negative news as of late surrounding the Republican party stating.

“We can’t coast into the majority, nor can we assume it’s a sure thing. The liberal media are looking for any possible alternative narrative to tell,” Steele said. “They are looking for those distractions, and Lord knows I’ve provided a few.” He added: “The Democrats also know that they have some explaining to do, and they’d love nothing more than for us to keep pointing fingers.”

 Michael Steele being the first African-American Repulican Party leader is an amazing accomplishment. Even though the election of Barack Obama had nothing to do with the Republicans making such a bold move. I hate to think that if it was anybody else who was accused of these things they would have been forced to resign. Especially with the Republican party needing all the wins they can get in this 2010 election seasons. I would hate even more to think that they’re keeping him on board just because they feel as if they need that “Minority” face to rival Obama. Just a thought.