Swipe It turns iPhone into a credit card reader

You have your own business.  Maybe it’s a sideline.  You sell at flea markets or out of your home.  You know what I mean;  right?  Well, there’s no end to what the Apple iPhone can do for your life to make it easier and more interesting.  Now you can use it as a credit card reader also.  It’s called the Swipe It and it can be used with the iPod Touch also.

A product of Macally, it lets you dock your iPhone along with a slot for swiping credit cards.  You need to also install the Simply Swipe It iPhone app which only costs $.99.  This is a great deal.  You work it on either WiFi or 3G network “and it supports most popular credit cards and payment gateways.”  So if you need to receive payments on the go, the Swipe It will be another option to use with your iPhone.

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