Doctors Create HIV Vaccine

The AP reported that in Bangkok an “Experimental Vaccine” has been created that prevented infection withe the AIDS virus. This is an unprecedented medical event and is a huge breakthrough in the overall development of medicine. This vaccine has the potential to have a great effect with over 7,500 individuals being infected from the virus everyday worldwide and having 2 Million people die from the virus over the past 2 years.

Aside from the magnitude of this finding on the global scale I cant help to think about the nearly HALF a million people who’ve died here in the US from the virus since 2007. With the infamous health care battle that is going on here in the United States the outcome of that can have a positive effect here.

Now why I’m all for the advancement of medicine and finding the cure, I can’t say that I agree with the actual study and tests that went into finding this vaccine. Here’s how it went:

The study tested the combo in HIV-negative Thai men and women ages 18 to 30 at average risk of becoming infected. Half received four “priming” doses of ALVAC and two “boost” doses of AIDSVAX over six months. The others received dummy shots. No one knew who got what until the study ended.

All were given condoms, counseling and treatment for any sexually transmitted infections, and were tested every six months for HIV. Any who became infected were given free treatment with antiviral medicines.

Participants were followed for three years after vaccination ended.

I feel that using peoples lives for a study whether its 1 or 1000, isn’t the proper way to proceed. Especially by subjecting them to the risk of HIV without aiding them to the fullest potential. I know they say there’s always collateral damage but they shouldn’t have to put peoples lives at risk even if they do promise lifelong treatment.

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