“Growing Up Hip-Hop” By Kahlil AlMustafa

Kahlil Almustafa comes through with a book full of poems he’s written over the last 16 years. It cover’s all aspects of growing up through the hip-hop culture. Don’t sleep on this one…

Like a classic 5-mic hip-hop album, kahlil almustafa’s latest book captures the universal truths and contradictions inherent within the Hip-Hop Generation. While many emcees were filling hip-hop’s recorded musical tradition with stories of braggadocio, drug sales, police encounters, sexual conquests, and gangsta’ glory, the poems is Growing Up Hip-Hop documents the politics and pain of broken communities, celebrates women as lovers and leaders, and offers a blueprint for restoration and redemption.

In an era when many question if “hip-hop is dead,” Growing Up Hip-Hop definitively testifies to hip-hop’s insistence to live. In this collection, award winning poet Kahlil Almustafa captures the evolutionary experiences, boldness, politics, dysfunction, contradictions and healing that have defined the hip-hop generation.

The book is set to drop on August 18th. Click here to pre-order:


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