Should Obama investigate the Bush Administration?

Its no secret that the last 8 years haven’t been the best in United States history, and there have been some moments that outshine others. The World Trade Center terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the meltdown of the country’s housing and financial system. Honestly you can pick any event from Bush’s presidency out of a hat and probably say it was pretty bad. So the question is, how did the American people allow this to happen? Was there any body that gained from any of these misfortunes? So many questions are still un answered regarding this presidency.

So why doesnt Obama and his administration investigate the Bush presidency and the actions of him and the Vice President Dick Cheney? With so many mishaps, blunders, and questionable decisions I think there has to be something criminal about whats been going on these last 8 years. Although many political analysts would disagree saying that President-Elect Obama shouldn’t involve himself with anything dealing with investigating President Bush.

I ask WHY NOT? All he would be doing is further defending the American people by holding accountable those that had so much to do with the crumbling of our economy, thousands of lost lives, thousands of wounded and deceased soldiers, etc… So should we just let Bush and Cheney return to obscurity as American citizens with nothing to pay for what they’ve done? I think NOT!