Obama x Enstrumental Clothing

A clothing company that goes by the name Enstrumental Clothing, based in Chicago, took a political standand came up with two dope additions to there clothing line.  The shirt show an animated version of Barack Obama. OBAMA APPROVES!!!!!!The tee shirt displays the word AUDACITY which is perfectly fitting for Barack Obama.

Enstrumental also released a shirt with both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.

Even though Enstrumental is known for its tee shirts that send a conscious message, the Obama tees are my personal favorite because he is our President.  These guys are known for collaboration with stores like Leaders 1354, Phli, and Self Conscious.

“We Need Phli, Self Conscious, Leaders” tee

You can check these guys out at http://www.myspace.com/enstrumental

or http://enstru-mental.com/

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