Unemployment rates drop in 24 states

Unemployment rates around the U.S. remained steady in January, according to the latest regional and state unemployment report released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Jobless rates decreased in 24 states and rose in 10. The District of Columbia and 16 other states had no change.

The largest increases in employment occurred in Texas (+44, 100), Michigan (+39,700), Ohio (+31,900), Illinois (+24,500), and California (+22,600). Throughout the country, job growth increased in 35 states, as well as the District of Columbia, while payrolls fell in 15 states.

Regional unemployment was relatively unchanged in January, as the West recorded the highest jobless rate at 10.9 percent. The Northeast continued to hold the lowest at 8.4 percent.

Nevada had the highest unemployment rate of 14.2 percent among all the states during the month of January, followed by California (12.4 percent) and Florida (11.9 percent). North Dakota held the lowest jobless rate in the country at 3.8 percent, just as it did last month.

Source: Examiner