Tinashe Delivers Beautifully Angelic & Stunning New Debut Tiny Desk Performance

When it comes to some of the best artists to emerge over the last decade plus. GRAMMY Award-winning singer and songwriter, as well as producer and dancer, Tinashe. Is easily among the best and with her beautifully angelic voice, as well as talent that excedes multiple genres and talents. That is far from one-dimensional. You can see why both Tinashe and her legion of fans have been clamoring for her to have a long-awaited Tiny Desk Performance. With the very talented performer finally doing so last week.

NPR Music debuting Tinashe’s long-awaited first performance with the platform. That she herself said was a bucket list item she could now check off. After she trekked through a snow storm to make it to the world-renowned Washington, D.C. headquarters of Tiny Desk. Where Tinashe showed her multi-dimensional talent by starting her beautifully angelic nearly 17-minutes set by being accompanied by a vibraphone which she played live for the first time ever. As she slowly eased with her very talented backing band into the very vulnerable, BB/ANG3L, opening record, Treason, right before going into two of her more emotional and self-proclaimed favorite records, Unconditional, and Touch & Go. Right before bringing all the energy to the small Tiny Desk office crowd by closing with her major label debut smash hit single, 2 On. For one of the more simpler, yet still beautifully angelic and stunning performances in Tiny Desk’s storied great history.

The very multi-dimensional Tinashe doing all this in the midst of her current BB/ANG3L Headlining mini-tour too. That she started at the end of January and concludes at Radius here in Chicago this Thursday, Feb. 15th.