Shoe Gang Deliver New Video, Nice Me feat. KXNG CROOKED

Shoe Gang is back together like Voltron! All four members, Kenny, Demetrius, Julius and Dice. Together again after Dice’s noticeable absence from a lot of the group’s recent work. The undeniably great chemistry of stellar bars/lyrics bounced off each other still as great as ever and like they haven’t lost a step over the sinister Eminem production on, Nice Me. Taken from the group’s recently released Deme Lovewinn Kenny EP.

The group a couple of days ago with their brother, KXNG CROOKED. Who is featured on the track. Debuting a new SOL FILMZ-directed accompanying video for the track. That starts off with a clip from a few year’s ago of the Crook’s Corner interview that Crook had with Eminem. Asking if Em felt he didn’t get all his props as a great producer. It then going to the Shoe Gang and Crook in a parking lot where they spit their killer verses for the Eminem-produced track.

The chemistry between Shoe Gang and Crook over Eminem production undeniably great. Which is why me and many others I’m sure wish that their group project together as, Family Bvsiness. That they first announced almost five years ago. Would have been released already.