Lollapalooza 2018, Can’t Miss Performer, Sabrina Claudio

A can’t miss performer at this year’s Lollapalooza, rising R&B/Soul singer/songwriter, Sabrina Claudio is an artist with talent well beyond her age, who draws you in from the very first listen.  Which is quite evident from the 21-year-old singers first two singles, Unravel Me and Belong to You.  Both records that reached as high as #22 and #2 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart.

Claudio is a talent who’s effortlessly soothingly smooth angelic, yet still seductively beautiful vocals steals everyone’s heart from the very first time you listen to her.  Something about the way not only how beautifully soothing her voice is, but so calming as well and how much you could tell she pours her soul, emotions and talent into her music is like no other.  A truly great once in a lifetime artist, who does something to you and takes you somewhere else everytime you listen to her.

The very talented singer is not only a great singer, but a truly great all-around artist as well.  From her music to her visuals, great aesthetics, performances and ear for such great super smooth and soulful heartfelt R&B, she really is a true artist in every sense of the word.  Not to mention she’s a very beautiful young woman who knows how to properly use all her effortlessly sexy and elegantly timeless talent and beauty.  As evident from her very seductively alluring, sensual and enticing lyric video for her just as sensually smooth, seductive and enticingly vulnerable single, All To You.

While she knows like most of us that sex sells, she doesn’t always outright try to be sexy too though and shows off her sensuality more through her voice and lyrics rather than her visuals often times than not.  Aside from, All To You, she tries to show off her more sexier and sensually enticing side in a more classy and fashionable way throughout most of her other videos.

Often times opting for more of her sensuality to come out through her normally sensually smooth and sultry, as well as beautiful, almost at times, whisper-like, angelic vocals, Claudio always puts all her passion, pure grace and emotions into all of her voice and lyrics in a way where you can really feel all the passion and emotion pouring out like no other.  The way that she already so sensually and seamlessly commands the stage so effortlessly through her just as sensually smooth and sultry vocals is like no other too, which will have Claudio around for many years to come and why she’s an artist you need to make sure to catch if you can next Sunday, Aug. 5th on the American Eagle stage for the final day of Lollapalooza.  Even with as many great R&B/Soul acts that are not only playing Lolla this year, but have emerged over the past few years, there is just something about her that makes her truly standout from the rest and will have her as a fan favorite by many by the end of Lollapalooza, if she isn’t for them already and you know will be back in a few years as a possible Lollapalooza headliner.