Rick Ross Covers Vibe & Complex June/July Issues

Rozay covers VIBE‘s June/July “Sexy Issue”. As part of the issue, Power 105.1?s Angela Yee rounded up the Maybach Troops for a roundtable discussion. Bawse shit….

Angela Yee: Have you ever messed with a girl that you were embarrassed about and you hoped no one finds out?

Wale: When I was younger. Seeing them in the club the next time like,  Damn, if I could see me from last week I’d beat the shit out of me. I’d put a roofie in my own joint so I don’t end up talking to this chick.
Meek Mill: Like 3:30 in the morning, not having a girl. It be like that sometimes. I fuck a lot of bad women, don’t get it twisted. I got a thick one, a little husky… I got that one and she’s always around. And people found out I hit it—

[All laugh]

Mill: She ain’t fat. She’s thick. She’s like 25 percent over the line.
Pill: She had a few too many goddamn double cheeseburgers.

What about you, Ross?
Ross: I be sliding through the ‘hood, I can’t lie. I love extravagant exotic women, but I come from the ‘hood at the same time. So if I’m in my Chevy riding through the ‘hood and you see one of those ghetto girls in a hot pink shirt, you’re just like ‘Hey, put your number in this.’ I’m still in touch with the ‘hood like that.

You’re giving back to the community.
Ross: I still give back. I can’t even front.
Pill: I’ve seen you with some crackheads.

[All laugh]

Mill: Pill is a ‘hood nigga, for real. He doesn’t give a fuck.

Pill: On some real shit, I’ve had some that didn’t look all that right. I play like I ain’t know it that day in the club because

Ross: You can’t act like you don’t know it.

Wale: That’s what makes them go crazy.

Pill: I ain’t gon’ lie, one of my worse experiences was waking up in the morning years ago and I looked over to my left and said, “Aww, man, what the fuck were you doing, dog?”

Ross: I can’t sleep the whole night with a chick. Before sunrise, shorty, you got to go.?Pill: Obviously, I was too fucked up in the first place to have you in my bed and in my house if you’re looking that bad. So I went to sleep and when I got up, I’m asking you, “What went down? Did I really just…”

Ross: You done ate the pussy.

In the same month Ross also covers Complex which was inspired by the film Jaws 2 cover, Rick Ross and actor Andy Samberg cover the June/July issue of Complex. The feature is already available to read. The issue hits newsstands June 7th.

Rick, is there anyone you don’t fuck with comedically?
Ross: I fuck with my homie right here. We don’t fuck with Carrot Top.
Andy: I don’t think I would step to Carrot Top, though—he’s jacked as hell. [Laughter.]

But maybe if you were rolling with the Bawse…?
Ross: He’s got the Bawse with him now.
Andy: That’s true, yeah, I’d go at it.
Ross: Yeah, we said it. Fuck Carrot Top!