Art vs. Reality: How much is too much?

The line between art and life is blurred for so many. Pop culture intellects are abundant and dissect and speculate on everything they read. Few bloggers know first hand the real story behind their posts and even fewer commentators know the real deal. Why the obsession? And furthermore, why such strong dislike for people we don’t even know. In an interview with 60 minutes, Eminem openly discusses the division between what’s in his records and what is actually said while at home. Critical thinking doesn’t seem to be present when outsiders take everything at face value. I respect opinion over speculation when I find myself reading blogs. And even when something is supposedly fact, I still question it because people are willing to pull some far fetched stunts for quick cash. Unless you see it first hand, it’s probably best to not believe it.

While browsing through a popular entertainment news site, I landed on the story of Alicia Keys and the birth of her child. The comments that followed were heinous; people seemed to be disturbed about the situation in the worst way. There were racial slurs and commentators who were actually upset about the way Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’ came together…Honestly, I was just happy for them. I’m sure the back story is much too complex for myself or any one else to know the truth.

Allow me to play celebrity advocate for a minute when I say that these are real people with real emotions. Sure they entertain us in our living rooms and we may even use their names as much as we use a friends or our mother’s, but don’t be mislead, we do no know these people; it just feels like we do sometime. But that’s when you draw the line and be sure not to cross it.  And unless it’s affecting your day to day life or the ones you love, it’s best to not take it to heart.

The celebrity lifestyle has reached the heart of the every day person. So many people are convinced they are celebrities, and maybe they are in their own right, but in reality…they’re just not. Individuals take what they see on t.v and try to apply it to their life. What they fail to take into consideration is that entertainment is merely intended to evoke emotion, not always to be imitated. Is being one the “little people” really all that bad that we need to pretend to rich and famous? Before Youtube made us all into singing sensations or Google made a genius of us, we were just regular folk. But Lupe said it best, we’re “chasing the cool” and it’s got us half stepping in our real lives and flirting with that little line that’s really not meant for everyone to cross. Fame: it’s not for every body. It’s time we take back some control and slowly, back away from what’s got us pretending. We should put the art back on the shelf and look but don’t touch because people have this notion that when they touch something, it becomes theirs and lines start to get blurred…Then the art is ruined for us all.

By: Racquel Tiara

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Well, Im an overall laid back individual, intelligent, very artistic, creative, idealistic....I have a strong passion for creating. Just trying to create a better environment for my son.