When stupid attacks—bad electoral outcomes result

First, the nation elected, or actually didn’t, George W. Bush.

Then the nation reelected, or actually didn’t, George W. Bush.

By the end of that, the elites that made up the base of George Bush’s supporters, had wrecked the United States of America, perhaps beyond any hope of repair.

That is when America, briefly, got over its lust for making or tolerating stupid choices, and finally threw out the Republican Party. One hoped in late 2008, that would be the end of the matter, at least for a few election cycles.

But we should recall that even though Barack Obama was running against Sarah Palin, and the old man on her ticket (whatever his name was), the first black president didn’t win by 80%, as he should have, but only 53%.

And that was when Obama’s base was fully energized, and the Republicans were fully demoralized by their own massive malfeasance.

Now, two years later, the nation is unhappy with its choice. Presumably it would have been better to have put Sarah Palin one banana peel from the White House. That way at least, the “elites” would not be in charge.

Yeah, right.

The elites are always going to be in charge. After all, President of the United States, or United States Senator, or even US Congressperson, are all elite positions by definition.

But the fact that Republicans are once again convincing the American electorate that the problem the country has is that some snobbish elite is in charge and that Republicans have to be brought in to fix that problem is evidence the USA not only faces a fast decline into the dustbin of history, but well deserves it.

BY: Glenn Wright

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