New Anti-Rape Female Condom…Ouch! [VIDEO]

According to the Rape-aXe website  new female condom has been invented by a South African physician to help prevent rape in the country that has the highest rate of reported sexual assaults in the world.

Invented by Dr. Sonnet Ehler the new female condom called “Rape-Axe” is not just your ordinary condom, but a condom with “teeth” that attach to the penis once it is inserted.

The condom hooks inside the penis and generates enough pain to leave the rapist unable to walk, move, or urinate and the more the attacker tries to remove the it, the more pain he will suffer.

The device is inserted in like a tampon so it is convenient for most females and can only be taken out by a doctor.

Dr. Ehlers sold her house and car in 2005 to launch the project, and plans to distribute 30,000 units of the condom at FIFA World Cup arenas and after that they will be available for $2 each.

South Africa has the highest rape occurrences in the world with 28% of men surveyed admitting to sexually assaulting a woman or girl and Dr. Ehlers hopes her contribution can put an end to that.

However don’t expect this device to make it to the United States.