Microsoft Kinect in Stores November 4th [VIDEO]

The Microsoft Kinect which was featured in this years E3 convention now has an official release date. The newest video gaming system add-on for X-Box 360 will hit stores November 4th.

According to CNN the Redmond, Washington, company also announced a new, smaller version of the Xbox 360. The new version of the popular gaming system will have a Wi-Fi connection and a 250-gigabyte hard drive. It will cost $299, the same amount as previous versions. It is available from retailers beginning this week.

Microsoft did not say how much Kinect will cost. The new Xbox 360 will not be able to read players’ motions without the Kinect add-on.

The blog Engadget reported that an online retailer briefly listed prices for Kinect at $150 to $400, depending on the game package.

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