Protesters shut down BP station in Los Angeles [Video]

May 12 Seize BP demo, Los Angeles 05-12-10ANSWER reports that Los Angeles protesters shut down the city’s BP “Green Curve” gas station yesterday with a picket and 75 people chanting “People over profit. Seize BP.”

“The picket was strong for over two hours, gaining in numbers and militancy,” stated ANSWER, the NGO that organized the local Seize BP protest and similar actions in cities across the nation yesterday.

BP’s “Green Curve” station is heavily promoted by BP as a “green” alternative for consumers, which is precisely why protesters targeted it.

A most popular chant yesterday was, “Hey BP. You’re not green. Your oil is like a killing machine!”

Organizers were said that they were pleased that the protest was widely covered in the media.

“We’re calling for a government seizure of BP’s assets to pay for all the environmental damage, personal losses and untold consequences of their oil spill,” declared Ian Thompson, a Seize BP organizer.

“To have a company that is responsible for one of the worst environmental disasters ever claim to be able to teach anybody how to live green is utter hypocrisy,” Thompson said.

Seize BP National Day of Action – Washington, DC from Seize BP on Vimeo.