Man in China stabs 28 kindergarten children. Is it time for knife control?

A knife-wielding man walked into a school in China on Thursday and savagely stabbed stabbed dozens of four-year-olds, as well as three adults, in a senseless bloodbath that could have easily been prevented…if only China had better knife-control laws.

But China’s irresponsible and reckless government still refuses to take action against these lethal and dangerous instruments of horror.

Never mind the fact that lunatics will always find other ways to shed blood and take lives. Or that knives still have other legitimate uses beyond psychotic killing sprees (as with guns). Or that they will still be manufactured and sold regardless of how many law-abiding citizens China disarms with more knife-control laws.

And never mind the fact that crime goes down when citizens are better armed.

All anyone should be thinking about is the fact that 28 innocent children have just been viciously attacked and traumatized for life simply because the heartless and careless Chinese government refuses to get serious about knife violence.

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