Black Tea Party members Dazed and Confused?

The Tea Party phenomenon has been in full swing since President Obama was inaugurated with some surprising new members. African Americans have been joining the tea party lately voicing their views and opinions very clearly. The question I have is this: why would a group who in the past 40 years, the conservative movement has been hostile toward, join with them? It is no secret.  When you turn on the TV, log onto the internet, read the newspaper, you can’t help but notice the large group of mostly white people that seem pissed off all of the sudden. The tea party borders on plain insanity, misinformation and confusion. I have seen signs/pictures of President Obama being depicted like Stalin, Hitler even the late Reverend Jim Jones.

Supporters may say that this Tea Party movement is about taxes and spending, which you can read here. If so, then why did these people wait until President Obama got in office to protest? Where were these conservatives for the past 30 years? Where were these folks when Republicans were spending excessive money? What really gets me is how black folks are falling for the bullshit..Recently Rapper T-Pain was seen on a clip admitting that he is endorsing the conservative movement and hoping for victory in 2010 this clip will make you shake your head. T-Pain needs to be ashamed of himself for letting Fox news Sean Hannity trap him into endorsing the conservative movement. Hannity is telling T-pain what to say and, like a good sell out, he is obliging. It is bad enough the folks over at Fox News show no respect to Hip Hop culture and people of color unless they are sellouts.  But to use rappers, that do not know any better, that is straight up despicable. I hope the Hip Hop community sees this clip with T-pain and condemns him for this. His music is “good” but if T-Pain wants to keep his fans then he needs to sever ties with the conservatives. Some Rappers are already cooning like they are in a modern day minstrel show.  And now T-pain acts in this video clip looking like a dog fetching for his master.  As a black woman in America I can’t understand why Black people are going the conservative route. I have debated this over and over and can only come to the conclusion that they suffer from a disease called DENIAL. It seems like African Americans that are Conservative, are disconnected from their culture. It is like they are trying to hide who they are. They distance themselves from other African Americans that embrace who they are. For example, African American Conservative Lloyd Marcus, refuses to even acknowledge his heritage. This is the type of African Americans (and other people of color)they attract.

It took Conservatives a year before we started seeing any African Americans or other people of color. What is drawing them to an organization or movement that does not serve in their interest? Conservative critics love to say the usual stuff to try to prove their point. They say stuff like, this is the party of Lincoln or Martin Luther king was a republican, we believe in self reliance, against big government, they are the party that freed slaves blah blah blah. Conservatives love to accuse Liberals of playing the race card well if conservative racists would quit dealing the damn race card then African Americans will quit playing it.  This is one of the examples of why black people should NOT Join the Conservative/republican party.

We’re not saying ALL tea party members are racist but here are commentsfrom a former republican congressman that says literacy test should be reinstated for people to vote WTF??? It is 2010 not 1910.

Conservatives DO NOT have African Americans’ interests at heart and any African American that thinks this is sadly misinformed. Even Michael Steele admitted on April 20th 2010, at the summit in Chicago, that the last 40 plus years we had a southern strategy that alienated Black voters.

One has to wonder if Obama hadn’t won the presidency, would Michael Steel be the head of the RNC? Here is a tea party protest that is questioning his citizenship, with ignorance and racism infused. Many white peope at this and other rallies are acting and talking like this. Notice their voices tinged with racist resentment

Whether you support the Tea party movement or oppose it, one thing is clear, it is not bringing us Americans closer together. It is, in fact,  driving it apart. Our President needs us more than ever. He needs the support of the people. One thing is certain, we the people need to take a refresher course in American history and politics so we do not repeat our mistakes. Not only African Americans but ALL OF US Americans to help rebuild this country to be stronger than ever.