Revolutionary Reaction or Too Little Too Late


An unexpected illness has had me laid up at home all weekend, so that means tons of soup and T.V time. I sat and watched the history of the KKK then flipped over to CNN and watched the coverage of the now to be expected extreme commentary from those in opposition to everything Obama. They don’t like his health plan, they don’t like his International methods, they don’t like his Olympic push for Chicago……..they don’t like him period. This wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t see so many stunning hypocrisies in the way various individuals are handling our current President. I remember as a child being taught that the President deserved so much respect and that while we were free to not agree with him, there were some things as a “patriotic citizen” that you did not publicly do.  It would seen to me that many of these childhood lesson have been conveniently thrown out the window just as our first Black President arrives. Even that in itself doesn’t bother me too much. If your Black then the higher up the ladder you climb the more B.S you have to deal with period. But here is where my personal spider sense really gets to tingling.

obfacebookpollYes, this is a screen shot from the now infamous Facebook poll that put out into the public the feelings towards Barack Obama’s assassination. I can deal with the talking heads, self righteous analysts and media extremists that earn a living off making waves, but when you get the general public entertaining these thoughts you are putting us all on a path that I don’t think many people really want to go down.

As a Black man I can say that my people are very reactionary. We will walk through hell minding our own business as long as the flames don’t touch us. But should we get burned then we lash out. That scares me. I’m not seeing the forceful counter statements to the evil forces mounting up against Obama and the idea of a true equality. Are we waiting for the tragic to happen before we act? Must we see history repeat itself before we show face? The Black Panthers were created in  response to wrong doings and as great as they were I’m curious what a proactive Panther-like group would look like. I’ve thought about this from the moment Obama announced his intentions to run for office. What would we do if they took him from us? What would be our reaction if they did it to us again? Would there be anything that could be done short of an all out civil/racial war?

I can only hope that’s a situation that we will not have to deal with but many people are making it hard to avoid thinking that way…

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