Ja Rule Speaks about Mariah/Eminem Beef

After Eminem released his “Warning”, a diss track towards Nick Cannon and his wife Mariah Carey (who is also featured on the song), Ja Rule has come forward to give his reaction to the song. With a past that includes beef with Eminem himself, 50 Cent, and pretty much everyone associated with them both, Ja Rule says the beef between a female and a male shouldn’t be taken to music.

”It all stemmed from an Eminem comment,” Rule said in Mariah’s defense. “With him saying he peed on her or some sh*t like that, I don’t, you know, come on. Real talk, there really shouldn’t be any [diss] records being made. [laughs] It should be a lot of swinging and swinging. But hey, it is what it is…I don’t feel like — I don’t have to insult a woman. Even if he did do that, let’s say he did do that, you’re kissing and telling now? You a chick? You Superhead? You kissing and telling and sh*t? I don’t know.”

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