“Michael Jackson is not a black icon” -Bill O’Reilly

If you ever doubted it, this video is obvious proof that FOX News is complete garbage.  You are better off picking up ‘Star’ or any one of those stupid tabloid magazines that’ll succesfully rot your brain.  During the Presidential campaign, they were obvious in their support of McCain, and they were equally obvious in their coverage of what should be heralded as a positive turning point in the evolution of this great nation-Obama being sworn into office. Then when they finally decided to cover the inauguration as the top story, it was done with innuendos, downplaying the excitement and celebration. If you don’t believe me or if you missed it, here’s proof: a link to a video on the speech putting emphasis on ‘In his own words: “I, Barack Hussein Obama” as if that was the most important phrase he spoke. Just another way to mislead and warp peoples perceptions by regurgitating the non-factor that is President Obama’s middle name. Now they have a link that reads Steal Obama’s Secrets, Apply His Magic”, a tutorial on how you can speak like Obama. As if he only got to where he is based solely on the fact that he is a good speaker. 

The nail in the coffin has to be this incident with Bill O’ Reilly.  He is not a journalist. He is not unbiased. No Spin Zone? My ass. The man doesn’t even know what the “spinning” is.  He is the worst kind of idiot there is. I hadn’t really heard anything about race during all this coverage except now. How ironic that it’s on Fox News.  My point being, FOX is garbage. And as long as bottom feeders, conservatives, haters and elitists thrive on this negativity, scumbags like Bill O’ Reilly that make up their lineup will always have jobs. God forbid they put a positive spin on anything. They’d be done for.  But to end on a good note, I will say this: I dont really know Dr. Marc Lamont Hill well enough to gauge opinion, but I have to say he’s a great orator, and its nice to see that their is some sensible people on their payroll.  As much as I wish that their advertisers pull out and the network suddenly gets shut down, if they do stay on air, I really hope FOX news keeps him.