Quincey White Drops Eerily Raw New Single, No Fairytales feat. Dave East

Quincey White is not only easily one of the best emcee’s in Hip-Hop and has been for well over a decade now. But he is also one of the realest and most authentic emcees and storytellers from a street perspective as well. Which he proves yet again on his just a few days ago released newest single, No Fairytales featuring Dave East.

An eerily raw new The Frost Team and 1 Million Spooks co-produced single. That sees White spitting such cinematically raw street bars as, ”You wonder why us n***as war. Every corner got a liquor store. We drink away the pain poured out for the dead ones, better hit the floor. Or die (Uh). The other side lettin’ clips fly. N***as get high, then slide on you like a zipline. Now it’s red and blue, it used to be black and white. We fightin’ each other, used to fight for each other for civil rights. Throwin’ up our fists with the Black Panther Party (R.I.P. Huey P). ’Til the CIA came and crashed the party.” Dave East himself also providing a pretty solid guest verse as well.