J.I.D Gives Highly Energetic & Fun Lollapalooza Performance

J.I.D performs during his Saturday evening set on the T-Mobile main stage for the third day of Lollapalooza on Aug. 5, 2023. Photo courtesy of Greg Noire

Highly energetic, fun and an experience like no other. That is how J.I.D’s Saturday evening performance on the T-Mobile main stage for day three of Lollapalooza 2023 can best be described.

From the time he came on stage decked in a black Mac Miller t-shirt with matching black jeans and belt. The Dreamville and Spillage Village rep let the crowd know they were in for a rap show with actual rapping and third verses in songs. Saying to the crowd, ”I ain’t got to much to say. My name is J.I.D and I am here to do some raps. I thank y’all for staying out all day in the soaking rain. Make some noise for yourselves Lollapalooza.” Before starting his set with, NEVER. Then after that introducing the members of his band. With Sam on the keys, Devante on the drums and Christo on the wheels of steel. Before he went any further.

J.I.D kept the energy going as he went into a pocket of his most recent critically-acclaimed solo album, The Forever Story. Performing Raydar, Dance Now and Crack Sandwhich. The crowd on the South end of Grant Park energetically rapping along. With J.I.D stopping several times during his set asking the crowd. ”If you are having a good time. Scream, ’Fvck you jiddy!’”

The Dreamville emcee would go into a lower vibe. As he performed Bruddanem, Sistanum and Kody Blu 31. Saying how personal of a song the latter was. Before going into, Workin Out.

J.I.D would then say, ”Ok, Lollapalooza, it’s time to turn this b*#ch back the fvck up. Is y’all ready for that sh*t? Are you ready to turn up Lollapalooza?” The energy picking back up as J.I.D. went into Off Deez, a cover of Down Bad and Surround Sound. With it starting to rain again during his performance of the latter. As the crowd was energetically rapping along while forming a mosh pit too.

Jiddy continuing to keep the high energy going as he performed 151 Rum and Stick. J.I.D also showing love to the ASL Interpreter’s and how they themselves so energetically did their jobs so well along with him for his performance. As well as how they do it so well throughout the festival.

J.I.D tried to do one last song to close out his set, but was told by Lollapalooza organizers he went over his time so he couldn’t. Even despite the crowd wanting a little more. J.I.D saying/asking that he couldn’t do at least 30 seconds to a minute more and since he couldn’t. Proceeding to thank the Lollapalooza crowd and his fans for showing so much support during his performance and so far for his career.