Kendrick Lamar Delivers Stunningly Energetic & Theatrical Spectacle Headlining Lollapalooza Performance

Kendrick Lamar Cole performs during his Friday headlining set on the T-Mobile main stage to close out the second day of Lollapalooza on Aug. 4, 2023. Photo courtesy of Nathan Zucker

Stunningly energetic and played out like a theatrical musical spectacle from beginning to end and with a crowd that was filled from virtually shoulder to shoulder with no room in between anyone. That is how Kendrick Lamar’s headlining set on Friday evening on the T-Mobile main stage could best be described. For day two of Lollapalooza’s latest 2023 edition of the world-renowned music festival here in Chicago’s famed Grant Park.

From the time he came out at about 9pm decked in a leather all blue outfit with matching custom made pgLang Dodgers fitted and Nike Cortez’s. Kendrick had the crowd virtually in the palm of his hands as he performed N95, m.A.A.d city, and cover of The Weeknd’s, Sidewalks. With the crowd virtually rapping together every word of each track together with Kendrick so energetically. NTo show why the crowd was as packed as it was way before his set even started.

You could tell a lot of the crowd followed Kendrick from the beginning of his career even more so. As he continued to bring the energy high with a stellar performance of his 2011 track, King Kunta. Before going back into his current pocket with Worldwide Steppers from his most recent critically-acclaimed album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Then taken things back again with Swimming Pools (Drank) and the first few seconds of A.D.H.D.

Things played almost like a theatrical musical in ways. As Kendrick went off for a small break. Before coming back to perform LOYALTY., DNA., ELEMENT and HUMBLE. With Rich Spirit also sprinkled in. As Kendrick so effortlessly rapped each verse and the crowd rapping together along with each word to show their loyalty to him as a fan base. That is one of the biggest not only in Chicago, but the world.

Kendrick would go back to his most recent album with a performance of Count Me Out. Before going back to his groundbreaking debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. With a performance of Money Trees and B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe. The crowd as hype as they were all Friday rapping and singing along to each track. Including Die Hard from his most recent album and then into his 2017 hit single, LOVE.

As it got closer to 10pm when Kendrick was supposed to be done with his set. He then went off stage. The screen and everything turning black. The crowd chanting for at least one or a few more songs for the next few minutes. Kendrick then coming back out a few minutes later. As he closed out his very energetic and stellar Lollapalooza set with a very energetic performance of Alright right into Savior. With Kendrick of course thanking, Lollapalooza and Chicago as he exited the stage. That was the perfect way to close out such a stunningly energetic set that was among the better performances I seen not only at the festival, but probably up there as one of the best concerts and/or shows of the several hundred or more I’ve the to over the years. That shows how much he has grown as a performer from the early stages of his career till now too. Which was the last time I seen him perform live too. Also proving once again why Kendrick is one of the best emcees and rapper’s alive. That has built such a loyal fan base to have such a huge crowd come out to see him.