Pusha T Lollapalooza 2023 Preview

Whether it be as a part of his group, Clipse, with his brother, No Malice, or solo by himself. Pusha T, has been one of the more consistently dope emcees in Hip-Hop for well over two decades. So it should be no surprise that he is one of the headliner’s for this year’s 2023 edition of Lollapalooza. Which will be taking place a little less than a month from now, on Aug. 3rd-6th. With Pusha T set to headline on Perry’s stage the third day of Aug. 5th.

The surprise, if any. Is that not even with his group, Clipse, has Pusha T ever performed at the world-renowned music festival. Which takes place in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. Speaking of surprises though. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see his brother, No Malice, to show up as one during Pusha’s set for one or a few Clipse songs. Though I also wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t cause of Pusha wanting to stand on his own for his own solo performance. Not to mention that by the time he has his first ever Lollapalooza performance. It will already also be within a month and a half since he with his brother, No Malice, performed as the, Clipse. At another world-renowned Chicago festival, Hyde Park Summer Fest.

Pusha T has plenty of his own great solo records. From his mostly critically-acclaimed solo debut album, My Name Is My Name to his also very critically-acclaimed most recent solo projects, It’s Almost Dry and DAYTONA. Plus plenty of great solo features from Runaway to I Don’t Like, Mercy and New God Flow. To name a few.

Pusha T is also among the more solid performers in all of Hip-Hop too. His coke rap backdrop on stage for his mostly pure cooked coke raps. The perfect backdrop for so and why his debut Lollapalooza performance next month is not only among the most anticipated headlining performances. But among the more anticipated of the world-renowned festival.