Kay Cola Releases Beautifully Soulful New Single, What If

Kay Cola is sounding the best she ever and after a little bit of a hiatus the very beautifully talented veteran GRAMMY-nominated singer and songwriter. Has released a very beautifully amazing EP, What Dreams Are Made Of. As well as a few just as beautifully amazing singles since last December.

Looking to keep that momentum going and making up for lost time. Today Kay Cola releases her third single in the last three months with the very beautifully soulful, What If. That has the very talented singer and songwriter, as well as great vocalist once again showing off her beautifully soulful amazing vocals over the piano-laden backdrop. While she sings about a love she was hoping didn’t end the way it did because of all the what if’s they couldn’t agree to together to make it work. Even singing to her former lover about how he couldn’t let his pride go to make it work and how would he feel if their relationship actually didn’t work and they both or one, suddenly died from all the arguments they had through the years. When all they really wanted was to love each other in a healthy way for both. Would he regret it?

It is one of those classic love tales in music form we can almost all relate to in some form. Even if it doesn’t go how you envisioned it. It is so beautifully sung and presented in such a beautiful way through this beautifully done art of music too.