Agallah Don Bishop Delivers New Charlemagne-Produced Single, Honorable

Agallah Don Bishop is already getting ready to drop his second album of the year in the coming week’s. With, The Art of Being Cold. For what has already been a pretty productive 2023.

Already dropping several singles over the past few weeks leading up to the new album. With the self-produced banger, The Warming (Beware of NYC) released exactly a week ago and the also self-produced, A Mic Two Turntables and a Gemini. A few weeks prior. Agallah returns today with yet another new single. In the Charlemagne-produced, Honorable.

One of the rare times that Agallah hasn’t produced his own material. Charlemagne provides a straight heater. That sees Agallah provide some of his most honorable and raw bars we ever heard from him. Such as, ”I’m in the stu like a gym rat. High exalted top tier lyricist. I been that. Cats can’t say I fronted. Like I never did that.” As well as, ”I don’t see these new rappers. I aim for the best. Even with family I demand a certain respect. I press eject if your music fails to impress. Drop 50 ball. Game 7. Thinking I’m Steph. Light the beam on ’em. Only couple seconds is left. Cats is rookies. You need to stop playing with vets!” To show once again why he is one of the illest producer emcees ever.