Emilio Rojas Delivers New Single, Know Respect feat. Demrick

Emilio Rojas is among the more doper, yet still somewhat underappreciated emcees to ever touch a mic. Consistently putting out top tier Hip-Hop for the last nearly 15 years or longer. The Rochester, New York emcee was making waves in the famed upstate N.Y. area, long before 38 Spesh came around. That is not to discredit Spesh either. As both are dope emcees in their own right.

Rojas may not have put out as much music as Spesh has as far as actual projects. Though he has released the projects Breaking Point 2 earlier this month and Recession Proof 2: Rob the Reach in 2020. As well as starting to release more singles again. Including the very dope new just yesterday released collaboration with dope Westcoast based emcee, Demrick. Entitled, Know Respect.

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