Killer Mike Gifts Fan On Birthday With New Single, Don’t Let The Devil feat. El-P & thankugoodsir

Today is not only 4/20, but it is also Killer Mike’s birthday. So instead of getting gifts, what does Mike do? He announces that his highly-anticipated and long-awaited next solo album, MICHAEL. Will be released on June 16th.

Mike’s first new solo album since he released R.A.P. Music over a decade ago. Which is also the first time him and his Run the Jewels groupmate, El-P first connected. It is only right that Mike and El-P connect once again for his just released new single, Don’t Let The Devil.

The new track. A very soulfully looped soul backed production from No I.D., El-P and Little Shalimar. That sees Mike and his other Run the Jewels half with their God flow, delivering top-notch bars. Such as, ”Catch me after Sunday service disturbin’ the churches workers. Tell the deacon we ain’t speaking, need money, his prayers worthless. I can tell through my alertness he’s nervous about his purchase. In the name of Jesus, the reefer, I serve a purpose. I got high as the sky. As I fly over earth surface. Flyin’ satellite height as I’m looking at earth’s circus. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let the devil coerce you.” As well as, ”Jamie for mayor. Vote for the brain fileter. Be a AR, spray the radar down invaders. Fame destined, the piggy disection connection. Put necks in, grip and afflict tension, upper rope elbow to plexis. No mid smoke, upper smoke, only the low would make an exception.”

Thankugoodsir also adding a very soulful and amazing hook to truly complete the record. To make it that much greater too.