Reuben Vincent Debuts Cinematically Brilliant New Video, Bottle Service feat. REASON & Stacy Barthe

Reuben Vincent towards the beginning of the year dropped what is still one of the best Hip-Hop album’s released so far this year. In his major label debut with Jamla Records and Roc Nation Records, Love Is War.

Having already dropped videos for nearly half the album. Vincent returns to the album again today with yet another brand new video. This time for one of the album’s most standout tracks, Bottle Service featuring REASON and Stacy Barthe.

The cinematically brilliant new Timmy Shawley-directed video, which was debuted a few short hours ago through Vevo. Finding Reuben in the background of a father figure, who is having troubles trying to raise his son. So he turns to a bottle of alcohol and it shows how he becomes addicted to and cares more about the bottle. Than his actual son. Brilliantly capturing all the emotions a little boy sees as he eats a bowl of cereal and the Dad acts in rage from many little things. Ranging from an argument on the phone of things not going right to later yelling at his son. His son later putting a blanket on him from the Dad falling asleep from drinking too much.

Many of the other ups and downs. Plus pain and agony. Family or friends go through when dealing with someone who has an alcohol abuse problem that is a lot of times unfortunately generational passed on. As shown towards the end of the cinematically brilliant shot and perfectly captured concept for the video. Which both Reuben and REASON so brilliantly rap and paint a picture of with their raps on this particular subject with this track. That helps bring the track even more to life too.