Chlöe Debuts Sensually Dramatized New Video, Cheatback feat. Future, Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut Solo Album, In Pieces

Just days after premiering a solo live version of it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Chlöe is back today with the debut of the actual version on the album featuring Future. For one of her latest singles, Cheatback. From her just released highly-anticipated debut solo album, In Pieces.

To celebrate and coincide with the release of the new 14-track effort. That is all Chlöe with the exception of features from just Future, Chris Brown and Missy Elliott. She also debuts a sensually dramatized Audrey Ellis Fox-directed video for, Cheatback. That plays out like an actual mini-movie.

The new video opening with Chlöe going to break the windows of her former lovers car. Before it shows that she actually doesn’t and pans to her sitting down in a stunning black lace lingerie ensemble. Crying as she cries waiting up on her phone for her man to callback. Which she ironically enough sings about not doing anymore. The video showing her going to do, but then not do a majority of the stuff she says about doing on the very beautiful acoustic-guitar laced record. Which ranges from pouring bleach on her unfaithful former lover’s clothes to temptingly cheating on him with a new man in the stripclub. Who is played by Joey Bada$$. Chlöe is also shown recreating an early 2000s R&B video scene with her in another sexy outfit cozying up on the back of the motorcycle with her new man. As flames are erupting in the background from the chaos of unfaithfulness going around.

The great aesthetics and cinematography throughout the visual. As well as great acting from Chlöe, Future and Joey. Really helping bring the emotional lyrics, great harmonies and chorus from Chlöe. As well as guest lyrics from Future even more to life. While also once again showing why from her singing to her songwriting, producing, harmonies, vocals, acting and performing. As well as everything else in between. Chlöe truly is one of the more talented artists and musicians of her generation. That continues to prove why she is and one of those artists who so many times. Truly puts the ART in artist.