Chlöe Debuts Beautifully Moving Video, For Beautifully Powerful & Bone-Chillingly Moving New Single, In Pieces

With just a couple of days until her highly-anticipated debut solo album, In Pieces, is released and fresh off a beautifully rousing debut performance of, Cheatback, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Chlöe wastes no time by debuting today through Vevo. The beautifully moving new video for the album’s title track.

The simple, yet still beautifully moving new visual. Finding Chlöe donned in a beautifully stunning red dress sitting by and playing her red grand piano. So you can feel all the powerfully moving emotions in her lyrics. As she soaringly sings the bone-chillingly moving and powerful heartbreaking piano-ballad. That is one of those truly nearly tear-jerking records which really hits all your emotions and you can hear in Chlöe‘s beautifully powerful voice.

This record also one that shows what a truly talented artist and musician she is that we can all relate to. As well as why when she wants to be. Chlöe is among the more talented artists, producers, songwriters and musicians of her generation.