Mila J Debuts New Westcoast-Centered Video, Keep Yo Head Str8

Just days after delivering two amazing new singles, Keep yo Head Str8 and OD. Mila J is back today with the debut of a video for, Keep yo Head Str8. Where she keeps it all Westcoast for the new Mad Lion-directed video. That was also produced by Mad Lion.

Which opens with legendary Los Angeles group, The Pharcyde, who she samples on the record making a cameo. Right before it goes to the actual video that sees Mila at the famous ninth street viaduct in Los Angeles. Keeping it super Westcoast with cornrows and china-white nails to go with hoop earrings. As well as Air Force 1s. With Tommy the Clown and his crew performing with Mila.

The very Westcoast centered video also seeing many special effects ranging from the space bar lyrics popping up to glass breaking and the ice freezing then being broken. Plus the boom box and motorcycle. The latter being the same one from the single cover that has Mila posted in her wife beater. Really helping bring the truly raw Westcoast centered lyrics and old-school flow from Mila on the record even more to life.