Victoria Monét Debuts Creatively Stunning & Mind-Blowing New Video, For New Single, Smoke feat. Lucky Daye

Victoria Monét is back and as great as ever on her just released new single, Smoke. That features fellow very talented singer and songwriter, Lucky Daye. As they so beautifully sing about smoke. While also showing off their undeniably great chemistry together.

Ms. Monét also debuting with the single through Vevo. A very creatively stunning and mind-blowing accompanying video in the desert. That opens with a cloud of smoke and pans to Lucky grilling on a grill. While Victoria lays in the sun in a bathing suit with lemonade in hand showing off her beautifully immaculate brown skin. As she sings the very beautiful chorus. Victoria also shown riding a motorcycle with her hair blowing in the wind. As well as in several ads about smoking in a magazine and a billboard on the highway. Before Lucky Daye and her meet up in a motel. Where they are both seen on TV performing the record. As well as laying in bed before hugging each other in a heap of smoke. While singing their beautifully amazing verses and showing off their undeniably great chemistry together in the process. The creatively dope and mind-blowing concept at the end that plays a snippet of another new song from Victoria and you have to see to believe. Really bringing the record even more to life in a way not many others can do.

Like all of her videos, it just seems like an immaculate great experience where just when you think Victoria can’t get more creatively better as an artist from her last music video. She is just able to do so with everything from the creatively stunning and mind-blowing concept of the whole video. To the wardrobe, her beauty, vocals, style and grace with the remarkably stellar set design. To the different easter eggs related to smoke throughout and her undeniably great chemistry, both vocally in harmony and acting with Lucky Daye for their smoking hot love affair. Really helping show how Victoria continues to separate herself from many of her peers. As one of the most artistic and creatively great artists of her generation.

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